Homeless Man Sleeps Outside Of Animal Shelter Hoping That They Have Found His Lost Dog

A worker at DeKalb County Animal Services in Georgia arrived at work early one morning to see a homeless man sleeping out front. The kennel tech woke him up and learned that the homeless man’s dog had gone missing and that he was waiting to see if she’d show up. 

The man was desperate to find his best friend in the whole world. He had spent all of his money to pay for the bus ride to the shelter. But what he didn’t know was that his dog had been picked up as a stray about two weeks earlier and taken to the animal service’s new building across town. The man had no way to get there other than walking, but the kennel tech stepped up with an amazing act of kindness.

The kennel tech paid for the train ride across town to reunite the homeless man with his dog. Tata was happy and healthy and awaiting a reunion with her owner. And that’s exactly what was about to happen. 


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