Cameras Caught Woman Swinging Tiny Puppy By The Neck, Throwing Him In The Dumpster And Running Off

A shocking scene of a woman swinging a tiny puppy by his head and then throwing him in a dumpster was caught on surveillance camera. The footage is so disturbing that we can’t help by wonder how is it possible for such cruel and heartless people to be living among us.

The incident took place in Oklahoma and was reported to the authorities by C.R. Head, the property manager of the apartment complex in front of which the dog was dumped. The footage shows the woman throwing the dog in the dumpster and then returning to the scene some 15 minutes later, after which she gets inside the dumpster herself, takes the poor dog out. and throws him on the ground before she runs off.
The Oklahoma Animal Welfare activists are urging the police to investigate this case further even though there is no official report of the incident because no dog was spotted at the scene by the time police arrived. The footage clearly shows an act of animal neglect and cruelty and it has to be treated as such.
Hopefully, by sharing the video and asking the general public to help identify this cruel person, she would be soon brought to justice.


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