A Cute Chinchilla Eating A Dried Apple Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

This is something every Monday needs: a healthy, happy chinchilla eating a little piece of dried apple.
Chinchillas are famous beggars and you should not fall to his trap! Chinchilla does not know what is good or bad for himself and he will consume almost anything you give.
You must resist to his begging and the chin should learn that he would not have a treat every time is begging! When a chin is begging, it may also be because his food bowl or water bottle is empty, or because he wants attention or playtime out of cage.

When you give a treat to your chinchilla by hand, have in mind a couple of things. Chinchillas rely most on their sense of smell as their eyes are on the sides of their head so sometimes they can have trouble finding the treat or accidentally nip your finger.
However, when feeding treats you should give them by hand and never add them in the food bowl. Otherwise, chinchillas, as we said are selective feeders, will only pick out the treats to eat and they may wait to eat again to find treats in their food bowl, which is NOT good as it could lead to weight loss and malnutrition.Some treats can be given every day and some others should be given 2 – 3 times a week. Some treats also can be avoided totally and never be given. You should give only one type of treat per day and not one of each type.



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