Worker Saves Baby Deer And Gives Him Belly Rubs, The Fawn Enjoys It And Refuses To Leave

This is the heartwarming moment a baby deer fell in love with his rescuer, and refuses to leave his side. The cute fawn was trapped in a fall path, but thankfully, two powerline workers spotted him and saved his life. One of the men even gave him belly rubs, to make him feel more comfortable. But surprisingly, the baby deer enjoyed it so much, he just refused to leave the man’s arms. The adorable scene was caught on camera.

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"My buddy and I were clearing a right of way for the electric lines and came across this fawn trapped in the fall path of the tree we were about to trim," Justin Lewis, from Kentucky explained. "He was tangled in some thorns and was pretty shaken up after we cut him loose, so we started rubbing his belly to calm him down…. which worked a little too well, as you can see." Youtube/Justin Lewis