Mysterious Circular Island Not Only Floats, But Also Rotates Constantly

This simply perfect islet located in the delta of the Parana river. It almost seems fake. But not, The Eye is exactly between Buonos Aires and Campana, in Argentina. Mysterious islet is a thin strip of land which is a perfect circle of 120 meters, a shape which rotates on itself. It floats between the clear and frozen waters of a pool that is completely unique to the area.

South America's second longest river, the Paraná, which has a length of 4,880 kilometers, flows through three countries: Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. 4,880 kilometers is no short distance – it gives plenty of opportunities for discovering amazing things. In the case of the Paraná, one of the most exciting discoveries was made at its delta: an island 120 meters in diameter, almost completely circular in shape, and floating freely on its axis. So-called floating islands are found in many parts of the world, including Finland, Turkey, Italy, Serbia, the Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine, Lake Titicaca on the border between Bolivia and Peru, Lake Loktak in India, and many other places. However, this Argentinean island stands out from the rest because of its shape and its continuous rotation.