Woman Sets Up Hammock For Mama Bear And Her Cubs To Play With (Pics & Video)

An adorable mama bear and her two little cubs have been caught on camera enjoying cheerful playtime with a hammock in a woman’s garden. When The Dodo reached out to the woman, they got to know a very adorable story behind it.

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Bertha the mom bear has been always seen hanging over with their little babies. She teaches them the basics and takes them to her favorite spot, Amy's yard. This happened for a while before the woman noticed the appearance of the bear family. She was surprised at first, but then, she started getting used to the bears and leaving out a few things for the cubs to play with. When her cubs were playing with the ball, Mama Bertha stayed behind, kept close eyes, and ensured their safety. However, Amy came up with a better thing for all of them to enjoy.