Woman Discovers That Her "Dahlia" Flowers Have Become A Hotel For Frogs

Generally, the citizens of Snohomish, Washington, recognize the arrival of springtime when the snow has finally melted and the gorgeous flowers start to bloom. However, Allison Lamb gets to know it is springtime in a rather unique way and it is through an adorable group of noisy neighbors. When spring is arriving all the frogs commence to croak as if to inform everyone that the season of growth is here.

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Allison is the owner of the Snohomish Lavender Farm. According to her, the frogs that visit her farm are very active and plentiful. "I have some flowers that line my house, and they will climb up walls and they get up in my hanging flower baskets," she expressed. Allison usually comes across a frog or two hopping around her house. One fine day she came across an incredible sight when she was inspecting her flower garden. She observed a frog resting inside a dahlia flower.