Two Gorilla Brothers Emotionally Reunite After Three Years Apart (Pics & Video)

This is the touching moment two gorilla brothers are reunited after nearly three years apart. The two primates have been separated as one of them was sent to another zoo as part of a breeding programme. Now they met again at the Longleat Safari Park in the UK, and they appear to enjoy each and every moment of their reunion.

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When family members come together after being away from each other for so long, the feeling and reunion can be a very touching and emotional moment. Happy and tears overcome everything as loved once see each other after missing one another for so long. These feelings and moments aren't just limited to humans. Animals have connections and attachments to their kin just like we do. No matter how long or short the time spent apart lasts, it can still feel like a million years when you love and miss someone. It's made abundantly clear with the siblings in this video from ABC News.