Touching Moment When A Mother Sloth Is Reunited With Her Baby Who Fell Out Of Tree (Video)

One day, a member of the Costa Rican Jaguar Rescue Center team was on the beach investigating a tip about an injured animal. He was about to go back to the center when, over the sound of the waves, he heard a baby wailing and then noticed the infant sloth on the sand.

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This past May, a staff member from Jaguar Rescue Center in Costa Rica was on the beach checking out a report of an injured animal. He was getting ready to head back to the center when over the sound of the ocean, he suddenly heard a baby crying. That's when he spotted the baby sloth on the sand. "He heard the cry and immediately recognized it was a baby sloth (their cry is like a whistle)," Noelia, a staff member at Jaguar Rescue Center, told The Dodo. "He saw the mom on the tree, but she was climbing back to the top. We believe the baby fell from his mom and he cried to attract her, but because of the noise at the beach, she probably didn't hear him."