Touching Moment Elephant Recognizes The Vet Who Cared For Him 12 Years Ago

In an extremely moving scene, a wild elephant seems to recognize the man that saved his life over a decade ago. An elephant never forgets. Heartwarming moment animal recognises a vet who treated him 12 years before in Thailand.

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Plai Thang, a 31-year-old bull elephant, had an unexpected reunion with Doctor Pattarapol Maneeon . The pair first met in 2009 when a seriously ill Plai Thang was discovered in Rayong and taken for treatment. He was released after several months but met Doctor Pattarapol earlier this month while the vet was patrolling the area. A wild elephant has recognised the vet who treated him 12 years ago in a Touching moment caught on camera. The 31-year-old bull named Plai Thang reached out his trunk to touch Doctor Pattarapol Maneeon's hand during an unexpected reunion this month. In 2009, the elephant was found struggling through woodland in Rayong, eastern Thailand. It was suffering with potentially fatal trypanosomiasis - a parasitic condition also known as sleeping sickness.