This Photographer Captured A Rare Sight—Frozen Waves At Dream Lake, Colorado

The coronavirus has been occupying both the airwaves and our minds for the past several weeks. So, why not take a break from the stresses of the lockdown and focus our minds, even if for a moment, on things that await us once the quarantine period is over.

Back in February, Eric journeyed to Dream Lake in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. When he arrived that first morning, right before sunset, he saw at least a dozen other photographers wandering around, taking pictures. So he moved away to a more secluded part of the lake for a unique perspective. "While much of the lake was simply bumpy, one small section near the shore actually had what looked like frozen waves with sharp edges, hard curves, and steep sides. I couldn't explain what I was seeing, so while trying to imagine how 'frozen waves' could occur, I started shooting. And shooting, and shooting," said Gross.