The Indian Giant Squirrel Is Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real

When squirrel expert John Koprowski first saw a Malabar giant squirrel, also known as an Indian giant squirrel, he couldn’t believe his eyes.John was visiting India in 206 and first thought that the animal looked more like a primate than a squirrel due to its massive size.However, this giant animal was no primate – just a very, very large squirrel. They are two times the size of an eastern grey squirrel and can be 36 inches long.

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The bright colors and beautiful patterns aren't just pretty to look at, but it also helps them survive in the wild. "In the shaded understory of a dense forest, the patchy colors and dark hues are a great adaptation to avoiding detection," Koprowski said. "But when you see these in the sunlight, they show their 'true colors' and beautiful pelage [fur]".(Source: India Mike)