Talented Artist Larysa Bernhardt Embroiders Giant Moths With Beautiful Designs

Moths are some of the world’s most mystical creatures. Unfortunately, they often don’t receive as much attention and love as their other winged counterparts like butterflies. Well, these embroidered moth plushies by Missouri-based artist Larysa Bernhardt will make you see these nocturnal critters in a different light and appreciate their underrated beauty.

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At a glance, Bernhardt's creations look straight out of ancient folklore. Combining vintage tapestries with faux fur and Belgian linen, she carefully sculpts each piece by hand. Romantic tapestries find new life in the delicately stitched creations of Larysa Bernhardt. The Missouri-based artist uses found materials with distinct vintage designs as the inspiration for plush moth sculptures that can just as easily fit in your arms as they can decorate the walls of your home.