Stewart The Rescue Squirrel Loves To Cuddle With His Best Buddy

While we used to see the traditional footage of dogs who are pursuing squirrels or squirrels that tease dogs, these two relationships are totally different. These guys are best friends rather than enemies. Stewart was rescued and taken in to recover after he fell as a baby out of a tree. That’s when Callie met the Australian Miniature Shepherd, and formally they started their friendship.

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They are inseparable, both proving to be buddies after all, squirrels and dogs. The hunting of squirrels is especially common in dogs with instinctual hunting intentions. But this dog is different, named Callie. She loves to cuddle with a Stewart Squirrel, and they are even good friends. Don't skip this post because it will be the sweetest thing you see today and is guaranteed to brighten up your day.