Rare Polka-Dot Pony Spotted In Devon

The long nose, curved tail, and neat little hooves are all equine. But its coat is pure Dalmatian. This young man leisurely crossing the lawn in Devon with his mother looks like a rather impossible mix of species. He is, in fact, an English spotted pony – born from a chocolate brown mare but with a father just like him.

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The foal, rather predictably named Spotty, arrived in the world just a week ago at Wembury Point, near Plymouth. His family usually lives and grazes on Dartmoor, but were moved to Wembury Point to help munch down the scrub. The land is owned by the National Trust and the week-old pony was born to a mother who normally grazes wild on nearby Dartmoor. Local warden Lorna Sheriff said: 'On Easter Monday an amazing foal with white fur and black spots was born on the cliff.