Raccoon Forms Sweetest Friendship With Deer Who Lost Her Mom (Pics & Video)

It’s always heartwarming to see friendships blossom between different animals. Sometimes friendships transcend species. That’s the lesson of one heartwarming video, showing the loving bond between a fawn and a raccoon, who formed a friendship after both losing their own families.

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Last year, licensed wildlife rehabilitator Carrie Long received a call about a baby raccoon in distress. At just 3 weeks old, he'd been abandoned by his mother and was found clinging to life during a rainstorm. Long, who specializes in rescuing orphaned deer as part her nonprofit, Texas Fawn and Friends, decided to take the raccoon in. She named him Jasper. "We weren't sure he was was going to make it," Long told The Dodo. Thanks to Long's kindness and care, Jasper survived, and now he's paying it forward.