Petrified Wood Reveals Gorgeous Rare Turquoise Opal Hiding Inside

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze. Sometimes, out of the blue, we get to hear things that we never even thought would exist and there is no doubt that these things are the reason why we are intrigued by nature and its mystery. Some people devote their entire life, entire fortune and time to explore these hidden gems and thanks to technology and its advancement, we are privileged enough to witness some of these discoveries.

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A piece of petrified wood containing a rare turquoise opal was recently discovered in Australia. The Reddit-user adymma90 recently came across a piece of petrified wood in Queensland, Australia, but it wasn't just a regular piece. The inside of it contained a beautiful structure of rare turquoise opal that has completely mesmerized the internet. With the photo going viral on social media and amassing almost a hundred thousand upvotes on Reddit, people are clearly stunned by the absolute beauty of this opal structure.