Owl Steals Child's Toy Hobby Horse, Flies Like Witch On Broomstick

Eric Lind is an school network administrator. He was spending some quality time at his parents’ house in Eureka, Illinois, when life presented such a treat before him. He captured the magical great horned owl on camera as it flew through the sky carrying a child’s stick horse toy, similar to how the classic witch rides her broom. Eric pointed out the owl did not appear injured or entangled in the toy, so you can enjoy the video without distress.

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We all know the iconic silhouette of a witch on a broomstick – but an owl? Unexpected events can be occur in Halloween. You can listen tales of transformations abound, like siblings morphing into bats. But one day, an owl hilariously seemed to take on the role of a witch. A captivating image of a great horned owl, bearing a striking resemblance to a witch soaring in the air on her broomstick, made waves online. Just in time for the Halloween season, this owl's antics caught the attention of many.