Owl Mistakes Duck Egg For Her Own And Raises It

Animals are hilarious, kind, and intelligent at the same time, and sometimes, I believe they can outsmart and even out human us. Animals can be very loving and kind, the duo a Florida woman discovered in her backyard proves this.Laurie Wolf found an owl and a duckling living in her Jupiter, Florida backyard. A wildlife artist and amateur photographer, she took a picture of them and sent it to the National Geographic.

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"The two of them were just sitting there side by side. It's not believable. It's not believable to me to this day." She first noticed the Eastern shriek owl that had taken up living arrangement inside a home box she has in her patio. Yet, about a month later, Wolf says she saw a cushioned thing in the crate with the owl, so she figured it was an infant owl that was settling with mother. The Eastern screech owl had decided to raise the duckling as its own. This little duck was a wood duck – wood ducks have been known to live with shriek owls."Both of them were simply staying there next to each other. It's not convincing. It's not convincing to me right up 'til the present time."