Orchid Mantis-The Beautiful Bug That Looks Just Like A Flower

The world is filled with fascinating creatures that we have never even discovered yet. This extraordinary bug is something you most probably have never come across ever in your life. The orchid mantis resembles a beautiful pink orchid flower. It is a very rare species of bug. This unique bug is native only to Malaysia and can be spotted on different plants in humid and tropical forests.

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Now, don't you be fooled by their looks? Even though they seem pretty and delicate, they are also rather dangerous as well. These bugs use a hunting tactic called aggressive mimicry. They climb on top of flowering plants to disguise themselves and patiently wait for their prey to come near them. The prey is fooled into thinking that the orchid mantis is a harmless flower. Just then, out of the blue, the orchid mantis strikes as soon as the prey is close and has its guard down.