Ontario Photographer Captures Massive Wave That Looks Like 'The Perfect Face'

A photograph of a massive wave of Lake Erie on Nov. 16. (Facebook/Cody Evans). Of the roughly 10,000 photographs Ingersoll, Ont., resident Cody Evans took of Lake Erie last Saturday during the lake-effect storm, one looked like something conjured up by Poseidon. Evans told CTV News Toronto on Wednesday he has been taking photographs, primarily of wildlife and nature, since January 2020.

Anyone who's ever contended with the powerful fury of a Great Lake during a wind storm would advise all but the bravest of people to stay the heck away from the shores of Lakes Erie, Ontario, Huron, Superior or Michigan during inclement weather. No, Vancouver, they're not as big as your precious Pacific Ocean, but the Great Lakes are the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth — influential enough to drop 125 cm of snow one city and 3 cm on another just 100 km away and mighty enough to cause destructive thunderstorms and tornadoes each summer. I don't need to write an essay about how underappreciated the Great Lakes are, because that would be boring and no one would read it, but I can highlight the work of a local photographer who has proven in spades that these marine assets — Lake Erie, in particular — are a mighty force not to be reckoned with.