Mum Couldn't Understand Why Son's Grave Was Green – Freaks Out When She Sees Why

Losing a kid is the worst kind of pain. Sadly, parents of military personnel who have children assigned in far, foreign nations daily worry about their children’s safety. Staff Sergeant Joseph Villasenor enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1994, and served honorably for 16 years. He had been selected to pitch for the Charleston Air Force Base’s softball league – a dream come true for him since softball was his favorite sport.

One day in 2010, he was on his way to a game when the unimaginable happened. Sgt. Villasenor was in a car crash, and he was killed. He was only 36 years old. Being a native of Arlington, Texas, he was buried at Garden Park Cemetery in nearby Conroe, Texas. He was survived by his parents, Raymond and Rachel, as well as by his wife. One day when his parents visited his grave, they saw something they weren't expecting – all thanks to a selfless widower.