Meet The Purple-Crowned Fairy-Wren, The Most Faithful Of All The Fairy-Wrens (7 Pics)

The purple crowned fairy-wren is not an easy bird to miss. With its unique violet-purple crown and perky blue tail grabbing all the attention. It’s quite a small, shy bird and while colouring of plumage will vary according to age, mostly they are brown above, white below, with a long, perky blue tail.

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The purple-crowned fairy-wren is a large unmistakeable fairy-wren. Males in breeding plumage have a vivid purple crown with a black centre, surrounded by a broad black band through the eyes and around the nape. The wings and back are cinnamon to sandy, the throat and breast are white, shading to rufous-buff on the flanks and belly. The tail is deep blue and all except the central pair of feathers are broadly tipped with white. Females lack the purple crown and black band, but have white eye rings and brow and broad red-brown cheek patches.