Meet The Pink Fairy Armadillo – The Cutest And Tiniest Armadillo In The World (10 Pics & Video)

Most people think ; Armadillos are mammals covered in a kind of bony shell, the "little armored ones" are already fascinating little creatures — but pink fairy armadillos are pretty much out of this world. You can watch video (15 strange but true fun facts about armadillos) at the end of the this article.

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The solitary, nocturnal animal is just about 6 inches long, making him the tiniest of the 20 varieties of the animal, and is found only in central Argentina. But what's most remarkable about this odd little creature is obviously his color: The armor covering his furry body is a light shade of pink. Not only that, scientists are pretty much baffled by them. Many details about the pink fairy armadillo remain a mystery.