Meet Tattoo, The Stunning Appaloosa Horse With A Unique 'Leopard Spotted' Coat (10 Pics & Video)

Have you ever met an animal that looks unique yet beautiful in the most amazing way? I think all horses are beautiful. But I will agree that there are some horses out there that really catch our eye and take our breath away. For an Appaloosa horse appropriately named Tattoo, he's proof of just how amazing some horses can look. Tattoo is a leopard Appaloosa, and his dazzling and unique coat is surely a sight to be seen.

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How did Tattoo come into your life? I was a sophomore in college, and my riding trainers (John and Debbie Letham at Letham Stables) let me intern at their breeder barn for my equestrian riding team and equine classes major requirements. I could watch over the mares that were about to give birth that spring. I was able to bond with each of the five mares, check their behaviors and watch for signs of labor. Tattoo came into this world on May 18th, and his mama gave birth to him early in the morning. I met baby Tattoo when he was only one hour old, soaking wet and learning to stand.