Meet Red-Capped Robin, A Spectacular Tiny Bird With Vivid Scarlet Plumage

The red-capped robin is a tiny yet spectacular bird. This small passerine bird is so fluffy and chubby but wears a striking coat of vivid scarlet, black and white. That’s easy to understand why it’s called the “jewel of the bush”.

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The red-capped robin (Petroica goodenovii), is a small passerine bird native to the Australian continent. Often called the jewel of the bush because of its scarlet breast, males and females of this species are similar in size, but that is where almost any resemblance ends. The male has a distinctive scarlet cap and breast. His upperparts are jet black with white shoulder bars, and his tail is black with white tips. His belly and shoulder are almost pure white, this makes his scarlet chest pop even more.