Man Finds An Incredible Beetle Who's Almost Too Stunning To Be Real (Pics & Video)

Michael Farmer spotted something he couldn’t quite believe whether it's real, while strolling the grounds of his property in Costa Rica. There, on the leaves of a guava tree, was what looked to be a small metal object — glinting in the sun like a piece of polished chrome. But then it began crawling. It was, in fact, a living thing.

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Turns out, Farmer had just stumbled upon one of the world's most unique beetles, Chrysina limbata, a species known for their silvery, reflective shells. Seeing it firsthand, Farmer was stunned. When Farmer picked up the beetle, she stopped crawling and played dead, allowing him to get a better look. "I was amazed by how beautiful it was," Farmer told The Dodo. "I've never seen anything like it."