Man Builds Tiny House for Homeless Woman Sleeping in the Dirt (Video & Pictures)

Elvis Summers as deeply moved by Irene “Smokie” McGee’s determination to assist when he saw her sleeping on a dirt patch in front of his Los Angeles home. Summers used his carpentry skills to build a small residence for McGee after becoming increasingly aware of the growing trend of tiny house construction. Realizing that he lacked the most basic protection, such as a tarp or a box, Summers sprang into action.

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Vagrancy isn't restricted to Los Angeles or some other significant American city; it is a significant public issue, a great many individuals live on the roads consistently. People who lack adequate housing frequently find themselves in dire circumstances, and many of them can only improve with the assistance of others. A homeless woman received a place to stay and a chance to feel hopeful as a result of Elvis Summers' small but significant act of kindness. However, her story is too well-known throughout a significant portion of the nation.