Man Accidentally Photographs The Real-Life 'Angry Bird'

When Scott Taylor’s dad called to let him know that his bird feeders had recently been filled with all different kinds of beautiful birds, Taylor grabbed his camera and was there in a heartbeat. He adores photographing birds and was excited to hopefully get some memorable shots.

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"I went to their kitchen window that looked into their backyard where the bird feeders are located," Taylor told The Dodo. "I was amazed by the amount of male and female cardinals that were feeding on the feeders and in their trees." The bird feeders are located in the middle of the backyard between the house and the trees, and the birds spend all day flying back and forth between the feeders and the trees. Taylor was mesmerized by the cardinals and loved the way they looked hopping around in the dark green spruces. As he focused on one cardinal in particular, the little bird refused to sit still and jumped around until he decided it was time for another snack.