Kind-Hearted Dog Surprises Owner By Comforting The Orphaned Fawns She Rescued (Video & Pictures

For most of us, German shepherd, you probably imagine a loyal, determined guard dog that would give up his life to protect his human. Well, Sarge might seem just like that on the surface, but his owner’s habit of rescuing animals has revealed a much softer side of him. Turns out, Sarge is a complete softy when it comes to injured and orphaned fawns.

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Naturally, Bored Panda reached out to Sarge's owner, Cheryl Stephen, for some additional details after seeing the adorable photos online and she kindly replied with more information about the dog and their farm. "We live on a little 'farm' in Ohio, but the animals here aren't raised for food. They're raised to be loved and cherished, like all animals should be," Stephen explained. "I've been bringing home strays since I was a little girl and I've never stopped. I have two sons and they are animal-lovers too," the woman elaborated. Turns out, Sarge is the perfect babysitter for the injured animals his owner rescue.