Horse Has Incredible Long Blonde Hair That Resembles The Fairy-Tale Character Rapunzel

It might be improbable, but a horse that looks like it was created for fairy tales or a Disney movie, thrives in Limburg, Netherlands and has captured the internet’s attention! A horse named Storm is taking the Internet by…storm. The eight-year-old Haflinger mare (a breed known for their beautiful hair) has an enthusiastic social media following thanks to her wavy golden locks.

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The two are even more popular when they are photographed together! When Beckers poses alongside Storm, the two are a remarkable sight. With their long, flowing, blond curls, the photogenic pair would be perfect for a dream shampoo commercial, or their own fairy tale movie! The pictures recall images of princesses and their stately horses. This wildly attractive pair, with their gorgeous wavy hair, is sure to become even more famous as their images continue to catch the attention of netizens everywhere!