Grateful Pelican Visits The Guy Who Saved His Life Every Single Day

When Omar El Oud and his father were out fishing one day, Omar noticed a huge white bird floating in the lake. As they approached, they discovered it was a stranded pelican in desperate need of help.

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"When we first rescued Ovi, he was bleeding from a cut on his leg and we realized his flight feathers were gone, as well as him being really dirty," El Oud told The Dodo. "We later discovered he had a fever." They helped return the pelican to shore, and El Oud studied the best way to care for it. They were able to save Ovi's life thanks to help from the Lebanese Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. In order to better care for Ovi, El Oud used positive reinforcement and Ovi rapidly caught on. "When he acted well, I'd give him a fish, and when he didn't I'd just ignore it," El Oud said. "In less than a day, he became a very friendly bird toward me. He's a very intelligent animal."