Gigantic Moth So Big It Can Barely Fly Discovered At School In Australia

Moths are known similarity of butterflies but this insects is not colorful. This giant moth is hardly fly, because it is so heavy. Builders rarely discovered the ‘monster’ insect at Mount Cotton state school, which is near a rainforest in Queensland, Australia. One of the world’s largest moth species. What is so special about it? The moth was about as big as a rat.

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A giant moth with a wingspan measuring up to 25cm has been found at a Queensland school next to a rainforest. Builders found the giant wood moth, the heaviest moth in the world, while constructing new classrooms at Mount Cotton state school. Giant wood moths are found along the Queensland and New South Wales coast, according to the Queensland Museum. Females can weigh up to 30 grams and have a wingspan of up to 25cm. Males are half that size. They have an extremely short life cycle with adults living only a matter of days. They die after mating and laying eggs.