Extremely Rare Black Leopard Is Spotted In Indian Wildlife

The rare melanistic leopard was photographed by Anurag Gawande while he was in Tadoba National Park. Melanistic leopards are incredibly rare because of their black coats being highly coveted by poachers. Gawande said the leopard, pictured contrasted against clay-red ground, was spotted as it was hunting a deer. Around 11 per cent of leopards are melanistic - a unique pigmentation that turns their coats and skin black. You can watch video below the article.

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Amazing things come to those who wait - and this wildlife photographer definitely knows that feeling, as he captured these stunning photographs of an extremely rare black leopard after waiting two years for the opportunity. Anurag Gawande, 24, was amazed to spot the rare big cat roaming through Tadoba National Park, India. An extremely rare black leopard has been spotted in an Indian wildlife park as it tried to hunt a deer, and captured in a series of photographs from just 30 feet away. Wildlife photographer Anurag Gawande came across the melanistic leopard while on a safari at the Tadoba National Park in western Maharashtra state in January.