Eight Of The World's Creepiest Trees In The World

Most of us asked to think of something scary, their first thought are usually movie. Generallly, Trees don't come to mind. But, Trees are incredible organisms, Just humans, trees have their own unique personalities. They can be inviting, lively, plain boring, or just left unnoticed. Of course, no one bothers to stare at a tree trunk and search for nothing, but there are some trees that possess too much charm that easily attracts people.

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Others though, have too much negative energy around them that the tree itself reflects it in a not-so-attractive way. With or without spirits, in the end, it could just be our wild imagination. The following 8 trees will show you just how spooky trees can actually be. Bald Cypresses: The bald cypress that commonly grows in the southeast U.S. is spooky not only because it thrives in snake- and gator-infested swamps. It also often grows anthropomorphic roots that protrude from the water and look like twisted, skeletal hands and fingers. This kind of root is called a pneumatophore. It's believed to help send oxygen down to the drowned roots and also possibly to act as an anchor.