Doting Eagle Doing Everything He Can To Please His Wife, Now Watch The Hidden Camera Footage

Even though we can't help, but Most of us are curious when we see animals mate. You’ve all heard or seen these primal courtship rituals, from flaring intricately designed tails to beating up the perceived alpha of the group. But when all has been said and done, and when the male wins over the female, what happens then? How do these creatures interact? Are they like us?

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An eagle named Jackie flew back home to her nest, following closely behind her mate shadow, high in the sky in Big Bear Valley, California. The eagle couple, who have parented chicks in the past, would soon begin prepping the nest, perhaps anticipating another set of eggs. On this particular afternoon, Shadow had just caught himself some lunch and was poised to start eating when Jackie demanded that the snack should be hers. The pair bickered for a bit, but in the end, the meal went to Jackie. Surely, she thought, "the one who lays the eggs around here should get the best treats." "Jackie always gets her way," Sandy Steers, Friends of Big Bear Valley executive director, told The Dodo.