Cat Adopts Five Baby Hedgehogs After Their Mother Is Killed by Hay Mower (Video)

In Russia’s Rostov region, a cat called Murka became the mother of five hoglets whose mother recently died in an accident. Murka’s owner, Ekaterina Semenova, told the correspondent of KP – Rostov-on-Don about the big heart of an ordinary cat. According to her account, about three weeks ago workers were mowing hay near their house when something terrible happened.

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"The grass was up to their shoulders. They were working with a special hay mower – a trimmer. And so it happened that the machine went over the hedgehogs' nest. Only after the grass was cut, we saw that there was a mother and a brood of hoglets," Semenova recalled. Murka feeds five hedgehogs and a kitten. Photo: Ekaterina Semenova