Cameras Catch Giant Pandas Enjoying The First Snow

You may say that grown-ups are getting lots of headaches because of snow fallings, but apparently this rule doesn’t work at pandas. After a major snowfall in the D.C. region, a family of giant pandas at National Zoo were caught on camera having the time of their lives.

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Everyone loves a good snow day. While most of animals, from dogs to horses, love the snow, none of them does it like these lovely pandas. In a now viral video footage giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian are enjoying the snow just like a bunch of kids. They're rolling and sliding down the snow in a moment of "pure panda joy." As the two adult pandas are having so much fun in the snow, the panda cub Xiao Qi Ji who's experiencing his first snowfall, prefers to rather look than to step on that big white coat.