After 20 Long Years In Captivity, Circus Lion Tastes Freedom For The First Time

We love animals, and we can say with certainty that being chained up in the back of a pickup truck is no a place for an animal, especially not a full-grown majestic mountain lion. Life in captivity is the worst form of existence, as every living being, whether animal or human, is meant to be free. Unfortunately, we often come across stories of animals that end up spending their lives in chains, never experiencing freedom.

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An elderly mountain lion who spent his life chained to the back of a truck has finally gotten a taste of freedom. Mufasa the mountain lion was rescued from an illegal Peruvian circus earlier this year. Likely sold into the exotic pet trade as an infant, he had spent 20 years being carted around from village to village and forced to perform. (Animal Defenders International)