Adorable, Prickly New Baby Porcupine Is Born And Thriving At A Chicago Zoo (Pics & Video)

Hello! We are here with some important news. Did you know that baby porcupines are also called porcupettes? In line with a statement from the Chicago Zoo, Lucia, a 9-year-old porcupine, gave birth to a baby porcupette on March 19. Well, now you do and your life is better for it.

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Even better still, a new porcupette recently joined the ranks of the world. The baby porcupine was born at The Chicago Zoological Society's Brookfield Zoo to mother Lucia, 5, and father Eddie, 4. The not-so-spiky bundle of cute arrived on July 2. The prehensile-tailed porcupine is the first of its kind born at the zoo. While the zoo is excited about caring for the newborn, Lucia was a little less interested.