46-Year-Old Woman Discovered The Bizarre Creature In Her Garden

46-year-old Lujan Eroles live in the quiet town of Santa Fe in Argentina. When she was walking in her courtyard, she saw strange creature measures four inches (10cm), Its skin looks like snake. A moment of shock and awe when she stumbled upon a peculiar creature in her garden. What she initially mistook for a snake turned out to be a fascinating example of nature’s mimicry. Scroll down for video.

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A woman in Santa Fe, Argentina has stumbled across a strange double-headed creature, and the internet is going crazy. Luján Eroles, 46, was walking in her courtyard when she came across this creepy-looking critter, before she shouted her friends across in horror. The rough skinned creature looked like a serpent with two heads, measured about four inches (10cm) and had skin just like a snake.