20 Of The Cutest Maine Coon Kittens – The Gentle Giants, Waiting To Grow Up

Everybody, meet the Maine coons, a unique breed of domestic house cat that have been dubbed ‘gentle giants’. Although this giants breeding history of origin is unknown, it’s most likely its ancestors came with the ships of 11th-century Norsemen. In our opinion, these fluffy giants are the most majestic breed of cat around. With their stunning fluffy coats and amazing character traits. It’s difficult not to agree. We have compiled, our top 20 favourite photos of them for you to enjoy.

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Maine coon cats are, without a doubt, the most majestic cat breed that has ever existed - their luxurious fluffy coats, fine physique, and character traits are what makes them so unique. And if fully grown Maine cats are exceptional, then wait until you see their cute kittens! These kitty cats have all the extra fuzz that a cat can have and more.