12 Worst Smelling Flowers In The World

Is it true that all flowers have a pleasant scent? There’s no way. Some flowers may appear to be lovely, but as you go closer to them, you will undoubtedly hold your breath. Because certain flowers have a strong odor that attracts pollinating insects such as carrion flies. This is done to attract pollinating insects that lay their eggs in decaying debris.

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Some plants have evolved specialized scents to attract some of nature's less-than-romantic insects. Flies, for instance, make effective pollinators just like bees do — the only catch being that flies aren't attracted to sweet smells. In other words, just as there are a plethora of flowers that smell sweet, nature has also designed its fair share of flowers that waft a funkier stench. Here are 12 flowers you wouldn't want to accidentally include in your beloved's next Valentine's Day bouquet. The following are the world's 12 worst-smelling flowers.