11 Surprises Of Nature That Will Make Anyone Say "Really?" (Drunk Birds Are Totally Worth Looking At)

You’re sure to have seen animals, birds, and insects out in the wild before but have you ever wondered what their lives are like from their perspective? It can be a bit difficult to imagine, but it’s actually quite fun because they’re living organisms who, like us, have a daily purpose. For example, to fill just one small honey jar, 22,700 bees have to work for their whole lives. We gathered some interesting facts about the world around us.

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Snails lay eggs, but they're all hermaphrodites. Most of the snail species are hermaphrodites. However, they have to mate when it's time to breed. They both get inseminated and they both have the ability to lay eggs. Some snails behave as males during one season and as females during the next one. Which fact surprised you the most? Have you ever witnessed an unusual natural phenomenon? Share your opinion with us in the comments. © Feelawe.com