This Phallic-Looking Object Is Indeed A Real Plant Growing In the Philippines And Cambodia (Pics & Video)

Their appearance might be “fun”, but picking them would endanger the species’. This plant only grows in very remote areas in latitudes above 600 metres, so locating and snapping a picture with the pitcher plant has become a sort of challenge for some penis plant enthusiasts in Cambodia and Philippines. The plant was historically thought to only exist in the Cardamom Mountains, but in 2011 a new population was discovered further east.

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In March 2019, images of a plant dubbed 'penis flytrap' went viral. The name was a play on words that evokes the plant Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula), the name of which could, in turn, be an oblique reference to it's resemblance to human female genitalia. Here's what the Venus flytrap looks like, to start with. Now let's go back to the phallic-looking one. The plant belongs to the Nepenthes genus and is found in the Philippines.