Intelligent Manta Ray Asks a Diver For Help to Help To Save Her Life (Pics & Video)

Just another reason why it is so important to keep our oceans clean. A wild manta ray has been filmed letting a snorkeller remove three hooks from her eye. This touching footage appears to show the manta ray asking for help from the diver, and patiently waiting while until the hooks were removed as if she knew exactly what was going on.

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Scuba diving photographer Jake Wilton was diving when the huge ray approached him with its fins extended. When he saw the hooks right under her eye, he decided to try and help. The underwater photographer dived down to five metres multiple times to remove them with a pair of pliers, which could prevent her developing an infection and potentially going blind. "I often guide divers in the area and it seemed as if she recognized me and trusted me to help her," Wilton said in a statement.