Incredible Moment A Wolf Family Strike A Pose For The Camera

This is the moment a wolf family lined up and posed for an incredible photo at the Wolf Conservation Centre. Wolves are very social animals who live in surprisingly well-organized packs and family units. This organization and cooperation provide the wolves with many benefits such as better hunting, defending territory, raising pups, and more.

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It's hard enough for a skilled photographer to convince an animal to strike a pose, so it doing so on its own is incredible luck. And if it weren't for a trail cam at the non-profit Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) in South Salem, New York, we might have never seen this striking image. In fall 2019, a Mexican gray wolf family gathered for a storybook photo as a group of six lined up on large logs in a majestic "V" formation. Most of the creatures are looking at the camera as if they are following the directions of a photographer. But amazingly, this shot is completely candid with no human intervention.