Flame Bowerbird, A Stunning Bird With Crimson And Vibrant Orange Plumage

The flame bowerbird (Sericulus ardens) is such an outstanding bird. Put on a gorgeous coat of crimson and vibrant orange, these bowerbirds become conspicuous whenever they are. These amazing creatures have a crimson head and neck. Meanwhile, their back and belly are colored with vibrant orange. Some black feathers on the wings and tail also make this bird stand out from the crowd.

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The flame bowerbird is a rainforest bird distributed in and endemic to rainforests of Papua New Guinea. It is one of the most brilliantly colored bowerbirds. This bird is the first bowerbird described by naturalists, due to male's exquisitely colored plumage. The Flame Bowerbirds named after the elaborate structures, or bowers, built and decorated with colorful objects by the males, bowerbirds have one of the most exclusive courtship rituals in the animal kingdom.